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Salon, ​Spa, Beauty & Style

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Skin Care at Twistyle!

We're proud to use the following two amazing skin care lines coupled with our effective skin care treatments! 

We believe in the beauty and power of nature, encouraging our skin to stay young by stimulating skin cell turnover by means of exfoliation, toning and tightening the skin with microcurrent facials, and synchronizing results with the healing power of our own bodies.

Here's to healthy, glowing, younger looking skin!

DermaMed - dmSkincare
A “Clean Clinical” Line

All of dmSkincare™  products are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, artificial fragrance & color, gluten, and petroleum free, dmSkincare™ can help improve common skin problems of all skin types. The dmSkincare™ line features powerful antioxidants and botanical ingredients to manage inflammation and  maximize results. Synergistic combinations provide nutrition, protection and incredible results without irritation or exposure to toxic chemicals.


Peels are some of the simplest and most effective treatments for achieving that radiant glow. Not only can you expect smooth and clear skin with these treatments, but peels can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. $85

Add to any facial for $25  Packages available!

New at Twistyle!

Ultimate Super Facial Experience - Oxygeneo Facial!

OxyGeneo is an advancement in skin care that delivers 3 essential treatments simultaneously:




First Treatment - $75  Ongoing Treatment $150

Series of 6 or more recommended. Packages available!

Customized Facial

Customized facial for your specific needs. Deep-cleans, increases blood circulation, relieves stress, and promotes healthy glowing skin.​ These facial treatments will give you glowing results, purify your skin and allow you to see a difference in your overall appearance.  $85 

​Packages available!

The Dr Spiller Difference:
*Unique patented HY-TEC emulsion system 

*Exquisite active ingredients from nature
*Emulates natures own blueprint
*Biological and hypo-allergenic
*Promotes naturally healthy skin
*Precisely regulates moisturization

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Leaves skin plump, smooth, radiant

  • Stress reliever

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Deep-cleansing properties

  • ​Healthy glowing skin​

Benefits of Facial Treatments


This treatment is a simple and safe procedure to exfoliate the epidermis layer and remove the fine "peach fuzz" hair of the face. Removing the epidermal skin also allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers. Dermaplaning helps with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment results in a more refined, smooth and glowing appearance.  $75


Add to any facial for $50  Packages available!


This treatment exfoliates and removes dry, dead skin cells and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. it improves age spots, enlarged pores, and sun damage which results in a fresher look and healthier skin.     $85

Add microdermabrasion to a facial for only $25   Packages available!

Myotonology Microcurrent Facial

This relaxing procedure stimulates the face to reeducate the facial muscles  to help tone and tighten the skin.  Microcurrent therapy is a non-surgical therapy for the treatment of wrinkles. It is an anti-aging treatment used to reduce or diminish fine lines or wrinkles in the face and neck to help rejuvenate the skin. The electricity mirrors the electrical impulses present in the cells of the body. The microcurrent acts as the stimulus which triggers responses from the cells and tightens the skin therefore reducing wrinkles.

This treatment gives the contours of the face a visible lift!

$80  Series of 10 or more recommended.​  Packages available! 



*Effective anti-aging results
*Treats all skin types and conditions
*Preserves smoothness and suppleness
*Revitalizes and balances skin
*Improves resiliency and elasticity
*Certified organic line